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Molding, trims and furniture parts

Molding, trims and furniture parts of MEBLEVA BV

Our company produces a wide range of molding, shaped goods and furniture parts. Mainly, we use sawn timber, glulam, furniture boards or MDF as raw materials.

Depending on the needs of a customer, such products can be covered by the veneer of natural wood (oak, ash, alder, beech, etc.), colored and lacquered. Manufacturing and processing of veneered goods are done with the help of KUPER (Germany), Barberan (Spain), Sicar (Italy) and Volpato's (Italy) equipment.

The major types of molding and shaped goods are floor board, lining, plinth, door frame and trim, parts of stairs and furniture, etc.

Veneered door frame - MEBLEVA BV Veneered door trim - MEBLEVA BV Floor board - MEBLEVA BV Pine lining - MEBLEVA BV Veneered plinth - MEBLEVA BV Parts of stairs - MEBLEVA BV

As to the furniture parts, our skills, technologies, and equipment let us produce the most complicated furniture that our customer can only desire. This is the example of our work, precisely, desk, table for meetings, armchairs and coffee table. The raw materials are pine glulam, furniture boards and MDF that are covered by natural oak veneer, colored in color "Cherry" and lacquered.

Veneered desk - MEBLEVA BV Veneered desk 2 - MEBLEVA BV
Veneered table for meetings - MEBLEVA BV Armchairs and coffee table - MEBLEVA BV